Retail Security Officers

Our specially trained operatives can be uniformed or plain clothes. The uniformed officer can often act as a deterrent but he or she will always be surveying and ready to take action should it be required. As these officers are often at the forefront of customers premises they are always smart, courteous and capable of handling any situation with tact and diplomacy.

Our plain clothes officers can blend in so well that even shop floor staff do not realise they are there. Trained in observation, their skills often lead to apprehension and conviction.

Static Security Officers

The guarding of sites etc. require conscientious and dedicated officers who are well versed in site safety and procedure: logging in and out, checking vehicles, patrolling and protecting the property at all times.

Pro-Tex can provide officers of high integrity day and night all year round for sites large or small.

Door Supervision

Experienced door and event supervisors ensure any venue runs smoothly. They are trained to handle difficult situations with authority but with the minimum of fuss.

Mobile Patrols/Guard Dogs

Fully trained uniformed officers, driving highly visible sign-written security vehicles can patrol property at any time. Random spot checks can be made, reported and logged, throughout 24 hours if necessary. Officers are in radio contact with the central control room should back up be required.

Key Holding/Alarm Response

No one likes to be called out in the early hours for an alarm that may be just a fault, on the other hand if it is a break-in there is the 'what if' situation. The personal risk in such events could be high to the key holder.

Our key holding and alarm response service provides 24 hour cover 365 days of the year. Should an alarm be activated, we are notified, and an equipped patrol is despatched immediately. The trained officer will check for entry, silence the alarm and re-secure the property. The officer will then fully assess the situation to determine whether further action is required before returning the keys to the control centre.

All this and the knowledge that Pro-Tex Security Services is fully insured by Zurch insurace with liabilities of £10,000,000 gives our customers total confidence and peace of mind.

All security officers are screened in line with BS 7858:2012