Pro-Tex is a family owned and run firm working to a policy of very high standards. Combined experience of more than 30 years in security, and guards trained to SIA qualifications, ensures professionalism at all times. In addition, here at Pro-Tex, we want to give a much more personal service than is normally offered. Our members of staff are very carefully chosen, not only with respect to their capabilities, honesty and reliability, but also for the attitude and dedication they show towards their duties and Pro-Tex customers.

While most of our clients are in business we are always available to service members of the general public in matters of security. If, for instance, you are going to be away form your home for a period of time, our mobile patrols can make regular visits day and/ or night to ensure your property is safe until your return.

It is unfortunately a time of rising crime and vandalism and with police forces stretched to the limit the need for dependable and professional private security has never been more necessary. If you feel you would like advice on any security problem please don't hesitate to call on our expert knowledge. We are certain the assistance we can give you will be second to none.